How are traditional candy colors made? They are created by spraying a base color, then tinting a clearcoat with a dye and spraying it over top. Since dyes typically degrade in sunlight, several coats of clear on top of the tinted color are necessary.


Carizzma™ waterborne and solventborne dye bases break out of this traditional pattern. Formulated as part of the R-M® tint base system, Carizzma candy colors have the speed of a basecoat for fast drying and taping times. For Carizzma Candys, an R-M groundcoat is sprayed, then a Carizzma dye base, followed by an R-M clear to finish the look. This system saves time and product (money), while creating a better looking, longer lasting candy finish. Carizzma dyes are also ultra strong—requiring fewer coats to develop the desired color.


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